Important Notice: Effective February 1st Dr. Parker’s new office will be located at 5589 Greenwich Road, Suite 175, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Please contact his office at (757) 226-8880 for information on becoming a patient of Dr. Parker’s

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Dr. Parker has been taking care of my family for almost 15 years! His contribution to our lives has been invaluable. I do not know how we would have handled the death of my parents without his compassionate concern for the complete family. He taught us much more than how to seek medical problem once we had it, he taught us what to look for PRIOR to the problem! His philosophy has always been one of knowing yourself better than anyone else a philosophy that has served my family very well, especially in times of stress. He always took the time to listen to our ideas on alternative or non-conventional treatments and was never afraid to say that he didn't have all the answers but he did take the time and effort to find out additional information for us, discuss it with us and make us all part of a collective decision! He is PRICELESS!! Although he is no longer in New York, we will all travel to wherever his practice is at to see him. M.S., New York