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Dr. Parker and ILIV Staff,

When I was diagnosed with Tardive Dyskinesia I was in mental anguish and physical torment. My clinical neurologist told me that with the right medications I might be restored to some level of normalcy after 2 or 3 years. My condition, the unfortunate side effect of medications taken during a very difficult cancer treatment, brought me to the very end of my own capacity.

As you know, Tardive Dyskinesia can be very debilitating emotionally, deeply painful, and physically excruciating. Such was the experience in my case. The neurological medications prescribed by my clinical neurologist were helpful to ease the symptoms but made me completely unable to work. My memory from the months that I was on those medications is spotty at best; I was mentally and emotionally incapacitated, spending many days doing little more than weeping uncontrollably for reasons I could not explain except to say that I was just profoundly sad. I had no cognitive understanding of what I was facing. My wife, in faith bore the burden of our home and the uncertainty of our future.

During this time of pain and uncertainty, my wife persevered and was ultimately referred to your practice. The protocol you prescribed was not recognized by our clinical neurologist but you gave us confidence that there was hope for a better outcome. With hope rekindled, and because of the encouragements and financial help of many who had come alongside us during the preceding year, we began to follow your recommendations.

Results! After only three short months I was out of anguish and torment, off the neurological medications and back to work! My clinical neurologist was happy for us and we were all amazed! It is no exaggeration to say that the healing I experienced as a result of the treatment you prescribed was a miracle of knowledge and wisdom! The treatment I received at ILIV transformed the prognosis from "possible normalcy after 2 or 3 years" to a major accomplishment in just 3 months!

Dr. Parker and ILIV Staff - we are very thankful for you and for the work you do! Thank you Dr. Parker for your dedication to healing those who like me have suffered. Thank you to your kind and helpful staff who have made office visits a pleasant and restorative experience. Thank you ILIV for the healing work you do! A.T. Chesapeake, VA