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Nutritional Health

After researching for hours on the Internet, library and physicians, I was told that my IBS was incurable. I had suffered with IBS for over 6 years with absolutely no improvement from the various medications prescribed by my B.P. Whilst visiting a relative in the U.S. it was suggested that I might have a consultation with Dr. Parker, and boy am I glad I did! After only 3 I.V. treatments (I only had time for 3 due to my short stay), diet change and full food allergy testing, I feel 100% better. My IBS has improved so much that on the rare occasion that it does occur, it is so short-lived that I can get on with my life with very little disruption. Thank you SO much Dr. Parker and your caring knowledgeable staff. You have now given me a new outlook on life which I thought I would never achieve. I would definitely recommend this clinic to all my friends and family. Keep up the good work. B.S., Manchester, England