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Hormone Health

I had struggled with all the classic problems of menopause for almost 10 years, tried everything that anyone had ever suggested to me and was living and incredibly miserable life. I am not sure how my family put up with me, I didn1t even like myself! My hormones were a mess, my thyroid stopped working right, my cholesterol went sky high and I was so anxious and depressed I couldn1t even get a decent night1s sleep! A friend recommended this new doctor in town and I thought "Sure, just another bill with no help at all!" I could not have been more wrong! Dr. Parker spend a lot of time with me going over my complete history and trending what kind of treatments I had had, did a full medical work-up and always explaining to me why he was doing what he was doing, making sure I understood and was agreeable to proceeding. Today, I can proudly claim that I am on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, my cholesterol is within the acceptable range with diet, exercise and supplement and that I now know myself and my body better than I ever have in my 56 years of being alive!! I will follow him and his practice anywhere without question. C.P., New York