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This summer I suffered a severe ulcerative colitis flare that had me in bed for 7 weeks, I lost 26 pounds, became anemic and dehydrated.  I could not walk more than a few feet on my own, would lose my hearing when standing, and could not tolerate food without severe cramping, pain, and bleeding.  After trying many treatments, and trips to the emergency room, my local doctors agreed the next step was high doses of steroids, and other pharmaceuticals with severe side effects, with no guarantees of improvement due to the severity of the flare.  But on the recommendation of a friend, we traveled 4 hours to Integrative Longevity Institute of Virginia.  At my first appointment Dr. Parker began treatment that stopped my bleeding and cramping that very day.  Within 30 minutes I was able to talk and sit up without getting winded, and within 10 days I was driving, riding a bike, playing with my children again - and I was able to avoid a blood transfusion, that otherwise would have been necessary.   Although we came for one appointment, we chose to stay another 6 weeks because the improvement with each treatment was so great.   My health has been restored and I have regained a wonderful quality of life.  The people at ILIV are compassionate and helpful, and were an answer to prayer for me and my family.  Dr. Parker and his wonderful team, the treatment, the healing, our time there, and the other patients were a blessing we will always gratefully remember. Y.D., Round Hill VA