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Breast Health Awareness

I have had Fibrocystic Breast Disease since I was a teenager, as well as choosing to have breast reduction done several years ago. Needless to say, I am required to go have a mammogram every year which turns out to be every 3 months, usually with a needle-biopsy that (thankfully!) has always turned out negative but repeatedly looks "suspicious" on mammogram and ultrasound. Both of these procedures, especially mammogram, can be very uncomfortable when they are trying to get the best image possible. While I admire their dedication to detail, these tissues are still attached to ME! I was so thankful when I found Dr. Parker and his Thermogram!! Now I can easily be tracked, trended and appropriately followed up without having to under go serial "squashings"! I was amazed at the amount of education information that Dr. Parker and his staff shared with me in regards to my breast health. It is an office where you can truly feel each staff member's dedication and passion for what they are doing. I had originally gone just to get the Thermogram of my breasts done but am going back for the complete work-up with ILIV. It is rare to find such a talented group of people who "walk the walk and talk the talk"!! I love them all!! D.C., Dallas, TX