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Total Brain Health

When I was diagnosed with Tardive Dyskinesia I was in mental anguish and physical torment. My clinical neurologist told me that with the right medications I might be restored to some level of normalcy …

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Total Health

Thank you for all that you do. I feel that God has used you in a remarkable way to bring healing and without the help of …

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Health Optimization

ILIV helped me develop a healthy lifestyle that works for me. Dr. Parker’s recommendations are not “one size fits all”. His diagnosis and prescriptions are based on …

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Health Optimization

This summer I suffered a severe ulcerative colitis flare that had me in bed for 7 weeks, I lost 26 pounds, became anemic and dehydrated. I could not walk more than a few feet on my own, would lose my hearing when standing, and could not tolerate food without severe cramping, pain, and bleeding.  After trying many treatments, and trips to the emergency room, my local doctors agreed the next step was high doses of steroids, and other pharmaceuticals with severe side effects, with no guarantees of improvement due to the severity of the flare. But on the recommendation of a friend, we traveled 4 hours…

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Nutritional Health

After researching for hours on the Internet, library and physicians, I was told that my IBS was incurable. I had suffered with IBS for over 6 years with absolutely no improvement from the various medications prescribed by my B.P. Whilst visiting a relative in the U.S. it was suggested that I might have a consultation with Dr. Parker, and boy am I glad I did! After only 3 I.V. treatments (I only had time for 3 due to my short stay), diet change and full food allergy testing, I feel...

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Breast Health Awareness

I have had Fibrocystic Breast Disease since I was a teenager, as well as choosing to have breast reduction done several years ago. Needless to say, I am required to go have a mammogram every year which turns out to be every 3 months, usually with a needle-biopsy that (thankfully!) has always turned out negative but repeatedly looks "suspicious" on mammogram and ultrasound. Both of these procedures, especially mammogram, can be very uncomfortable when they are trying to get the best image possible. While I admire their dedication to detail, these tissues are still attached to ME! I was so thankful when I found Dr. Parker and his Thermogram...

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Heart Health

Being 72 years old, having had 2 heart attacks and congestive heart failure everyone was telling me to just sit in the rocking chair and enjoy what was left of my life. This just made me feel worse, I had so much I wanted to do before the Lord called me home. I finally changed my doctor after him telling me that he wouldn't take care of me unless I stopped taking foolish risk with my health and just learned to sit still! I went to see Dr. Parker due to hearing about him doing chelation therapy and hoping that this was something that could benefit me...

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Hormone Health

I had struggled with all the classic problems of menopause for almost 10 years, tried everything that anyone had ever suggested to me and was living and incredibly miserable life. I am not sure how my family put up with me, I didn1t even like myself! My hormones were a mess, my thyroid stopped working right, my cholesterol went sky high and I was so anxious and depressed I couldn1t even get a decent night1s sleep! A friend recommended this new doctor in town and I thought "Sure, just another bill with no help at all!" I could not have been...

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Total Health

Dr. Parker has been taking care of my family for almost 15 years! His contribution to our lives has been invaluable. I do not know how we would have handled the death of my parents without his compassionate concern for the complete family. He taught us much more than how to seek medical problem once we had it, he taught us what to look for PRIOR to the problem! His philosophy has always been one of knowing yourself better than anyone else a philosophy that has served my family very well, especially in times of stress. He always took the time to listen to our ideas on alternative or non-conventional treatments and was never afraid to...

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