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Research & Education



Our personalized patient recommendations are documented as part of our on-going research studies. Tracking and trending how your individual human ecological based care can be used to provide a model for future generations and working to break the “one size fits all” approach.

Our primary research project is focused on the investigating the overall outcome of personalized medicine when using Integrative/complementary therapies as compared to traditional allopathic protocols. 

Additional research being conducted: 
Secondary research projects will be conducted on individual therapies to conclude the overall effectiveness as it relates to the research parameters. Some examples of future research studies: 

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ILIV is part of the Breckenridge School of Nursing Program Advisory Board & ECPI University of Health Sciences, Medical Career Institute Advisory Board


Education is key to any level of success in your life, whether it is your profession, your relationships, your environment – and definitely it is key to your health. The human ecology approach to personal health care uses patient education as one of its foundations. It is imperative that patients understand benefits health optimization and what process that they must go thru to get there; otherwise, obtaining a positive outcome can become illusive. Basically education is like a map, you have to know where you are to know where you want to go! 

In todays age of “information pollution”, ILIV strives to provide quality resources for patients to educate themselves regarding common conditions, medications, supplements and treatments. Please feel free to browse our ever-growing selection of resources! 

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