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Weight Management

Weight Management

“It’s not just about losing the weight, it’s about changing your life”
– Lambert T. Parker, MD

ILIV uses Dr. Parker’s philosophy of Human Ecology, life and health and applies it to each individual. We understand that people are not just their “weight” and the struggles for one are not the struggles for all.

There are multiple factors that influence weight such as genetic disposition, metabolic disorders, hormone balance, environmental, psychological and nutritional issues. Each of these factors are evaluated when creating a personalize weight management plan.

We use objective data that can be evaluated and trended. Thin does not always equal healthy. It’s not just about decreasing the number on the scale, we help you define realistic goals, make it clear where you are at along the way and celebrate your success! We are not a “quick fix” solution. Our services are designed only for those who are interested in changing their lives forever.