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Hormone Optimization

Hormone Optimization

“It’s all about balance. When the body gets out of balance, inevitably something is going to go wrong.”
– Lambert T. Parker, MD

Any hormone imbalance results in a decrease of optimal functioning – whether it is sexual, physical or mental. ILIV designs a comprehensive personalize program that will get you on your way to feeling like yourself again!

This program is one of Dr. Parker’s specialties! He has over 20 years’ experience balancing hormonal systems for both men and women. Hormone balance is essential for good health and quality of life. Hormones, classically, are tied into desire and performance; however, there are several other issues that arise with having an imbalanced hormone system including:

  • Decreased Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Decreased Bone Density
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Increased Cholesterol
  • Alterations in Mood and Behavior
  • Increased Risk Factors for Metabolic and Cardiac Diseases