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Genomic (Genetic) Evaluation Program

Genomic (Genetic) Evaluation Program

“Know yourself...pre-warned is forearmed” 
– Lambert T. Parker, MD

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew what diseases you were predisposed to getting and how to prevent these or knowing ahead of time your body will not tolerate the drug you were just prescribed?

All humans have unique genetic coding – knowing what that is can change your world! ILIV believes everyone has the right to know their genetic characteristics and be able to make choices that will enhance their future quality of life.

At ILIV, we use Genomic Panels to determine what illnesses you are predisposed to and create personalized plans that reduce any factors that can precipitate the diseases from occurring. We look at many genetic panels including those that are involved with detoxification, metabolism, immune status, cardiac, Alzheimer’s disease and even those involved in your skeletal system. We truly make a personalized program that addresses your current issues, and also strive to prevent any future illnesses that could plague you in the future!