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A Revolutionary Change!

A Revolutionary Change!

Our New Structure as a Non–Profit Organization

While you've known Integrative Longevity Institute of Virginia (ILIV) as a medical practice where your health care needs are met by our caring staff, you may not know that ILIV is also a 501 (c) 3 Scientific Medical Research and Education Institute.

As a non-profit organization, we want to make a difference. Our vision is to promote practices and ideas to enable our world and environment to work together as a healthy ecology: where all of humanity interacts for the greater good of all things. In order to actualize this vision, we deliver personalized healthcare with an emphasis on research and education. We promote responsible awareness of our interactions and their impacts personally and collectively on our ecology.

We live this mission without the barriers associated with contracting with insurance companies. This enables us to focus on patient outcomes while developing a direct relationship with our patients. It also allows us to be more transparent about the true cost of your health care and provides us with ample time to earn our patients trust - which is an important element in a healing relationship.

We believe that we are creating a blueprint for healthcare of the future. Our healthcare model is revolutionary and comes at a time where the current model is unsustainable due to astronomical costs and insurrmountable bureaucracy.

Going forward in our new non-profit structure, we will continue to provide the high quality, integrative healthcare that you expect from us. In addition, we will focus on providing research and education that substantiates positive patient outcomes and higher quality of life that is achieved from our healthcare model based on the human ecology concept. We will use these programs to promote awareness and generate demand for healthcare that is personalized for each individual’s own ecology.
We hope that you will join us in as we create a healthcare Revolution!
Lambert Titus K. Parker, MD
and the entire staff at Integrative Longevity Institute of Virginia

Our New Website

We've updated our website to reflect our new structure as a non-profit organization. On our website you can find:

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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Infusion Therapy for Winter Health
Our Monthly Educational Series

Saturday November 8th
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join us for Infusion Therapy for Winter Health and learn how Infusion Therapy can help you remain healthy throughout the winter months.

Dr. Parker will discuss how infusion therapy can prevent and lessen the severity of colds and viruses and the many other conditions that can helped with this treatment.

129 W. Virginia Beach Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23510

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Are You at Risk?

Cognitive decline starts in the 30’s, is gradual and the subtle changes are often not picked up until significant cognitive parameters have decreased. However, getting a brain “check-up” has been shown to be effective when symptoms are addressed early.

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