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Your Sweet Tooth May Be Genetic!

Your Sweet Tooth May Be Genetic!

If you love sweets and have a harder time than most people in curbing your cravings, it may be in your genes verses a lack of will power.

In a study from May 2008, research shows that people with a variance in the SLCa2 gene ate more sugar than others. According to the research, people with this gene variance feel that they need to eat more sugar to feel full because their brains appear to be less sensitive to the amount of sugar in the blood. 

Nutritional genetics, known as nutrigenetics, focuses on a person’s genetic predisposition to respond a particular way to a given dietary nutrient. With nutrigenetic testing we can look at a variety of genes that influence your response to diet, metabolism, exercise-related traits, as well as obesity-related health conditions and medications.

“Why Genetic Testing?”

The way we eat, how our bodies process or metabolize foods and our overall health are impacted by our genetics. Recent research also concludes that the effectiveness of a diet can be influenced by our genes. This explains why some people respond better to a low carb diet and others might respond better to the Mediterranean diet or others. Genetic testing looks at the genetic variants associated with how people respond to different proteins, fats and carbohydrates to recommend an appropriate diet plan.

Our genetics also influence our behaviors. Certain genes influence how we perceive and desire foods, which are related to our eating behaviors such as snacking and the ability to feel full. Other genes are related to how we respond to exercise and which type of exercise works best for us, endurance, weight training or others.

A personalized, ecological approach looks at many factors that influence your weight and your health, including your genes. In order to be successful you need to understand what works best for you.  If you’ve tried many diets and exercise and you just can’t lose the weight or keep it off, try nurtigenetics. It may be the miss



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