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Weight Loss Options

Weight Loss Options

Fact: More than 1/3 (34.9%) of all American Adults are obese, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as of 2012. The most significant increase in obesity was from 1990- 2010 and these numbers are expected to continue to rise as they have in the past. Obesity is now at epidemic levels.

Fact: More than 1/3 (34.9%) of all American Adults are obese, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as of 2012. The most significant increase in obesity was from 1990- 2010 and these numbers are expected to continue to rise as they have in the past. Obesity is now at epidemic levels. 

What caused this? When we look at the statistics, we have to acknowledge that something is happening in the ecology and the environment that has caused this. Primarily, our food source is wrong, our environment is contaminated, our emotional status is out of balance, our whole culture is helping us to gain weight. 

In our society, weight loss is big business. Almost every day there’s a new “miracle” weight loss program that over promises and under delivers. Although, proper nutrition and some form of movement or exercise will always be part of a weight loss program, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Your preferences, emotional state, hormone levels, and cultural habits, also need to be considered when evaluating which weight loss option is right for you. If your hormones are out of balance, or your stress levels are too high, or you are an emotional eater then you will hit a brick wall in your attempts to lose weight. 

When it comes to diets and healthy eating, there are so many options. In fact, US News & World Report just released their review of the Best Diets for 2014, which included 36 different diet plans. It was interesting to note that although many had good results for short term weight loss, the long term results were not impressive. Your food needs to be easily available, affordable and it needs to taste good. Otherwise it will be difficult to stick with. Ultimately the best diet for long term weight loss is the one you will stick to, for life. 

In addition eating healthy, we need to understand our relationship with food. Our relationship with food is based on several factors such as our interactions with food and our beliefs about food.

When we look at our interactions with food, we want to understand that the amount of time we spend on preparation and eating is important. Do we prepare and eat our food mindfully or mindlessly? When we slow down we can make better food choices instead of grabbing the first thing that is available. In addition, mindful eating practices have been shown to result in weight loss and overall better health. Our eating rituals can also play part in our weight. Creating time and space to sit as a family to eat be part of the our emotional support & nourishment that we need to reduce stress, create bonds and to be happy. 

Our relationships with food is also based on our beliefs about food. Ask yourself before eating, “What is this food this providing me?” Is it fuel for the body or is it a comfort, a reward, a source of nourishment, or as a distraction us from our feelings. When we consciously take time to understand our relationship with our food then we can decide if we need to change it. Here are some tips that maybe helpful: 

Look at food is a fuel source for the body. Think of the body like a new car. You want to take care of it so that it lasts a long time. You want to use only highest quality of fuel available to keep it running efficiently and when the gas tank is full you don’t keep putting more gas in the tank. 

In addition to proper diet, there are many other options for weight loss including bariatric surgery, pharmaceuticals, supplements and exercise plans. The bottom line is that there is not a single weight loss solution that works for everyone all the time. 

We know that weight loss today is no longer just about calories we take in and burn. There are so many other factors that need to be considered. Everyone is a unique individual and our hormones, gender, age, stress, personal relationships can influence our weight, either positively or negatively. When we look at all of these factors as part of our personal ecology, we understand that, like any ecological system, it needs balance to be healthy. So for weight loss, we need to look at the best of ALL approaches and apply it to thepersonal ecology of the patient. We look at the internal and external influences and create a balance. Then everything can work together in harmony. This is an ecological approach to weight loss.

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