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Oxidative Therapies – Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide

Oxidative Therapies – Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide

…“Ozone creates super-gifted red cells. So now we're getting a treatment that improves oxygenation. I'm an oxygen man. Burn more oxygen, you heal, stimulate, and augment the immune system. It's a really nice one-two punch to jumpstart your body. It doesn't just deal with the immune system. If you're going to get more oxygen to the tissues, you can heal almost anything." – Dr. Robert Rowan

Because we've received inquiries on Ozone therapy and Hydrogen Peroxide therapy, we wanted to provide our patients and the public with information that may be helpful on these complementary approaches for the use of oxygen for promoting healing and wellness.

History of Oxygen Therapies

The use of oxygen for promoting healing has been around for centuries with virtually no side effects. Oxygen therapy was first used in the late 1700’s to treat tuberculosis and in the early 1900’s pneumonia. Years later, due to medical advances and WWI, it became more widely used in by medical professionals to aid in healing.  Today, supplemental oxygen used in hospitals for trauma care or respiratory conditions and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is used for treatment of wounds and other conditions. Physicians with a specialty or integrative medical practice may also use oxygen therapies to treat many viral or bacterial infections or as a part of an overall wellness program.


So what IS Oxidative therapy?

Oxidative therapy is actually a name for several therapies that are used to stimulate your immune system, enhance mitochondrial processes and facilitate healing through the use of Oxygen (H20), Ozone gas (O3) or Hydrogen Peroxide (H202).

Common Oxidative therapies include: Ozone Therapy, UV blood irradiation therapy, and Intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy. Each of these therapies are used for their own specific application and are best suited for specific conditions. Oxidative therapies are also generally administered in a personalized program that may also include a detoxification and nutritional regimen. 


How does it work?

Generally, oxidative therapies work by adding oxygen to the blood in the form of a gas or liquid. Once in the blood, the oxidative substances stimulate the movement of oxygen from the bloodstream to the cells. The higher levels of oxygen in the cells will:

The result is that the healthy cells can then multiply more rapidly creating a stronger immune system.


What conditions can be treated with Oxidative therapy?

Although each therapy may be used to treat a specific condition, oxidative therapies have been found to be effective in treating:

There are many more conditions that respond well to this therapy. As an integrative practice which focus on personalized care, our goal is to find the best plan for you - a traditional approach or complementary. We encourage you to make an appoint to discuss and understand all treatment options so that you can make an informed choice of what’s best for you.


Additional information is available on YouTube from Dr. Robert Rowan a leader in the field of Oxidative therapies: