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Missing those ZZZ’s - The Sleep Loss Epidemic

Missing those ZZZ’s - The Sleep Loss Epidemic

Based on an Article from the Wharton University of Pennsylvania, everyone needs more sleep. Some people know they need more sleep, and experience the symptoms, groggy, grumpy and overall tiredness while others are proud of the fact that they can exist on 4 or less hours of sleep each night.

The bottom line is that a lack of sleep takes a toll on the mind, the body and our overall productivity.

“Lack of sleep is nothing less than a public health epidemic. “We know that being a shift worker is very hard on the body, and it’s almost like everyone is a shift worker these days because we’re all doing these crazy things at all hours, and our body likes consistency” – Nancy Rothstein-Corporate Sleep Consultant

 According to the article, there are several main environmental culprits causing us to lose sleep:

In addition, poor sleep can be cause by physical imbalances such as:

How we wake up or “show up” tends to influence the rest of the day because it effects our mood and mental state. The consequences of not getting enough sleep is that productivity, creativity and workplace morale all suffer. However the opposite can also be true. By giving our body the sleep it needs, our mood is more positive and our productivity and creativity also increases.

In addition, the article references a 2014 Penn Medicine study suggesting you can’t “catch up” missed sleep. Consistently missing sleep may lead to irreversible physical damage, disease or illness as additional research shows there may be a correlation between sleep deficits and conditions like heart disease, type two diabetes, cancer and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are ILIV’s guidelines that can help to get to sleep - and STAY asleep - and achieve a healthy night's rest:

If you are having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep all night, there are many options available to help. At “ILIV” and we focus on a personalized ecological approach to your care so that we find the best approach that works for you


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