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Is a Thermogram better than a Mammogram?

Is a Thermogram better than a Mammogram?

Many women know about or have experienced a mammogram, but they may not know about a Thermogram and its benefits. A Thermogram is a test that identifies the heat radiating from your body and uses it to detect any abnormalities.  The Thermogram creates infra-red images (heat pictures) that the doctors will analyze for asymmetries.

Any abnormality that causes changes in heat production is seen on a Thermogram. Inflammation such as infections, trauma to the breast and even sun burn will cause abnormality in the pictures. Because the Thermogram does not use any radiation, it can be used as often as necessary.


A Thermogram is a no contact, painless, non-invasive imaging modality without any exposure to X-ray radiation.


One of the abnormalities that can be detected is the development of breast cancer.  When breast cancer is developing there is a growth of new blood vessels in the breast and an increase in heat. These symptoms can occur before the cancer starts to invade new tissue.  The picture produced by the Thermogram can show these symptoms and warn you of possible early cancer growth.

A breast Thermogram has the potential to find problems 5-8 years before problems can be seen by a mammogram. If the Thermogram is used in conjunction with a mammogram, it is possible to detect 95% of early breast cancers.

Many people wonder if the Thermogram is better than a mammogram or vice versa. Though both tests are used to detect abnormalities related to breast cancer, each is used for a different purpose.  The Thermogram can detect subtle changes in heat of the breast and information on any abnormal function while the mammogram is used to detect actual mass in the breast. By the time a mammogram detects a solid mass, the cancer has been in the body for at least 5 years. The most effective way to find breast cancer is to use both exams.

It takes years for a tumor to grow, and the earliest possible indication of abnormality will allow for the earliest possible treatment and intervention – or better yet, prevention. Including a Thermogram in as part of an early detection program gives women of all ages the opportunity to increase their chances of detecting abnormalities associated with breast cancer at a very early stage.