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Gender Based Medicine

Gender Based Medicine

Many conventional doctors maybe unaware that a patient’s gender can impact their response to medications. This is mainly due to the fact that until the 1990’s, women were banned from participating in clinical trials in the United States. 

With all of the research being conducted on men, the findings did not account for women’s hormones, body composition and metabolism, all which could make women more sensitive to certain drugs or more susceptible to side effects. In fact, 8 of the 10 drugs removed from the market during 1997 – 2001, posed a greater health risk for women than men.
Since the inclusion of women in research studies, things are beginning to change. Recently the FDA announced the first sex-specific dosing for Ambien, which was shown to be twice as potent for women. Now, the FDA is currently conducting additional research studies on Psychotropic Drugs in particular and the following is a list of those that are known to have different reactions in men verse women.

If you are taking any of these types of medicines, please discuss your dosing and any symptoms with your prescribing doctor. It may be time to re-evaluate which is right for you. 



This is article if for information purposes only and not meant to be medical advice. Please consult with your doctors before making any changes to your medications or healthcare routine.