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Feeling Depressed? Tired? Aches & Pains? Check your Vitamin D

Feeling Depressed? Tired? Aches & Pains? Check your Vitamin D

A study published in 2014 shows that Low serum vitamin D level is a predictor of depressive symptoms. Other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are sometimes vague and can include tiredness and general aches and pains and overall just feeling down and out.

Many people think that because they get outdoors that they get enough Vitamin D but that’s not always the case. Vitamin D Deficiency is a lot more common than you think. In fact some people are more prone to deficiencies than others, especially if they spend most of the time indoors, they do not take a regular supplementation, or if they are genetically low or their body cannot absorb the proper amounts to be healthy.

You may not get enough vitamin D if:

  • You don’t get enough sunlight. Your body is usually able to get all the vitamin D it needs if you regularly expose enough bare skin to the sun. However, many people don’t get enough sunlight because they spend a lot of time inside and because they use sunscreen. It’s also difficult for some people to get enough vitamin D from the sun during the winter.
  • You don’t take supplements. It’s very difficult to get enough vitamin D from the foods you eat alone.
  • Your body needs more vitamin D than usual, for example if you’re obese or pregnant.

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