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Adult ADD and ADHD

Adult ADD and ADHD

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder is more common than you think, however it often goes undiagnosed because many people think of this as a childhood issue. Children who exhibit symptoms of ADD are easy to recognize but we tend to dismiss the symptoms in adults as just having too much on our plate or too many responsibilities. 

A few common symptoms of ADD in adults:

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact us and we'll send you our Adult ADD Assessment. Once completed, return it to our office. Based on your results, you may need to be scheduled for a “Test of Variables of Attention” (T.O.V.A.®) The T.O.V.A. provides us with objective and reliable measures of attention and impulsivity that the we can use along with your history and symptom checklists to accurately diagnose and treat attention disorders.

Some of the treatments available at ILIV for ADD or ADHD are:

Contact us for your Adult ADD assessment today and let us help you gain control of your life.