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About ILIV

About ILIV

Integrative Longevity Institute of Virginia ("ILIV") is a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Scientific Medical Research & Education Institute based on Human Ecology and Medical Sciences. We specialize in Personalized Integrative Medicine to restore, optimize and promote health and longevity. 

We believe that attention should be paid to your individual characteristics, needs and preferences during all stages of care, including prevention. Your participation provides us with valuable research data that paves the way to a new care standard which assures that each person's individual ecology is taken into consideration when determining their care.


Our Mission is to improve the quality of life by providing personalized, ecological approach to health care, utilizing and researching innovative therapies and providing education that promotes awareness of our human ecology philosophy.


Our Vision is to see our world and environment as a healthy ecology in which all of humanity interacts for the greater good of all things.

Human Ecology

We foster the concept of human ecology. Life is interactive. Our interactions with our families, co-workers, environment and our internal thoughts and emotions, all play a part in our health and wellbeing. Our bodies are made up of a fragile ecosystem so any disturbance or disruption in the flow can lead to dis-ease. 

Our patient care is based on the concept of human ecology. Our goal is to maintain a healthy, harmonious, balanced eco-system, where every part works together, as a community. This includes all aspects of life, from our behaviors, thoughts, emotions and spirit to the environment that we live in. We impact our environment and our environment impacts us. Everything is interconnected. Read more . . .