Integrative Longevity
Integrative Longevity
  • You are one of a kind – and so are we!
  • Human Ecology is a revolutionary approach to your care.
  • Every patient is an individual research study.
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Human Ecology is a revolutionary approach to your health care.

Integrative Longevity

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Allergies In and Around Us

Saturday April 11, 2015 | 10:00 am
Integrative Longevity Institute of Virginia
129 W. Virginia Beach Blvd. Suite 120
Norfolk, VA 23510

New research suggests that we may be on the verge of eliminating peanut allergies. 

What does this mean for other allergies? 

Is there is cure in sight?

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Gender Based Medicine
Gender Based Medicine

Many conventional doctors maybe unaware that a patient’s gender can impact their response to medications. This is mainly due to the fact that until the 1990’s, women were banned from participating in clinical trials in the United States.